Joan Jett

Rock and roll world is big and within it, there are several sub-worlds; some of them more glamorous than others. There are the worlds of the musicians, the technicians, the roadies, the record labels, the producers and the fans.

A rock chick is a girl (usually very fashionable :D) who is a fan of rock music. Rock chicks love music, love concerts and partying. They love rockers, love animal print, faux fur and leather, but most important than all the above named: rock chicks love themselves. Therefore, rock chicks are not groupies. We don’t belong to Poison’s singer or guitar player and we are not exchangeable for some other girl that belongs to the other band’s team. We are not going to do anything that we consider against our own principles just to sleep with a guy. And if you don’t like it, we don’t care; even you are Axl Rose or Ville Valo.

Lately we have seen an arise of the rock chick specimen but the truth is there is no special recipe of how to be and how to dress to be  a rock chick. We can learn a lot from our muses and they can guide us, but the most important thing is to find your own way to dress up, your own way to interpret the music, your own way to express yourself, your own style; which is something that can take some time. Be patient.

Now, what’s first, the look or the music? Probably the music, cause if you don’t like rock and roll, you would hardly understand all this thing about the attitude. But after that, it’s constant feedback. We came to an era in which to like rock music and metal doesn’t mean that we have to dress like guys and certainly doesn’t mean that we have to wear a ‘uniform’ of black band t-shirt so everybody knows that we are rockers. We don’t care if the world knows or not that we are rockers and we also don’t care if the orthodox rockers think that we are posers cause we know that we can kick their asses off. We wear

Debbie Harry

what we want to wear and we think that taking care of yourself and your image, doesn’t mean you can’t rock.

Indeed, that’s why rock is so closely linked to fashion. Rock and roll was the first music that didn’t

talk only about love and marriage, but stated ideals; it defined and unified a whole generation back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Rock and roll communicates and despite what many people and orthodox rockers say, at the end the way you dress communicates too (nop, Meryl Streep’s  character Miranda Presley, was not kidding when she says that in the movie The Devil Wears Prada).

Outrageous David Bowie’s clothes were a complement to his theatrical and schizophrenic music in the 70s; the safety pin became a punk statement not only because it was wore by influential punk rockers like Johnny Rotten or Richard Hell, but because it was a way to put together the ripped clothes characteristic from punk rock which at the same time, represented a time and a belief; extravagant and girlie outfits on glam metal in the 80s was a response to the simple heavy metal look and the roughness of punk; then again in the 90s the basic and careless look of grunge music was also coherent with a philosophy and a statement and a reaction to glam metal.

Since the beginning of rock and roll, rock chicks have been around showing the world that girls kick asses and are strong (sometimes, even stronger than guys). Wanda Jackson, the queen of rockabilly did it, just like Janis Joplin, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Doro Pesch, Kim Gordon, Alanis Morrissette, Karen O and many, many others. They are the proof of our legacy, a dynasty to continue.

It’s not easy to be a rock chick. You will feel misunderstood, you may have to deal with many people treating you like a weirdo and many times, you will have to stand up for yourself and be confident and strong. Believe me is worthy; to have goosebumps when you hear that song or when you see that band live has no price.

Rock and roll is about one thing: freedom. There’s nothing more rock and roll than live by yourself and don’t give a damn about what others will say, that’s the key to be a rock chick. It’s 80% attitude, 20% outfit.

So, the most important is to remember that beauty has a lot to do with attitude and there’s one thing that a rock chick never betrays: be honest with yourself and never forget who you are.

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