Betty Page

Even she wasn’t a rock chick, Betty Page is an early influence, since she was the first pin up girl that uncovered the dark side of fetish, whips, leather and lace. Her fringe or bangs and her deep black hair became an icon and even Hugh Hefner, recognized her as “a remarkable lady, an iconic figure in pop culture who influenced sexuality, taste in fashion, someone who had a tremendous impact on our society”. We couldn’t describe her better than that.

Edie Sedwick

Same case of Betty. Edie wasn’t a rock chick but she influenced the alternative and indie rock fashion. She was unique and had a great attitude. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t vulnerable which made her even more captivating. Edie Sedwick,we salute you!

Patti Smith

Proto-punk queen Patti Smith played with the androgenous and was the first rock and roller that showed us how to wear men’s clothes. Minimal and irreverent, she is the rock and roll Annie Hall.

Debbie Harry

Glamorous and rebel. Queen of the t-shirt/leggins combination and pop-punk princess. Her blond bop ad perfect bone structure made her an icon. And rock chicks were never the same…

Joan Jett

And finally! A brunette rock chick! Want to use a rock band tee or a catsuit and don’t know how? See Joan Jett. She is the queen of rock and not give a danm look, mixing punk elements, Converse sneakers, animal print scarves, biker jackets and an eighties touch of black eyeliner.

Siouxsie Sioux

Siouxsie Sioux

Exentric, modern, a visionary woman, always ahead, a trend setter; an ode to big back combed hair and bold black lines. Her dark and misterious beauty influenced gothic style and years later, emos and some japanese rock tendencies. Sioxsie Sioux was the ultimate 80s gothic goddess.

Kim Gordon

The bass player of Sonic Youth became one of the nineties’ style and good taste rock and roll icon (unlike Courtney Love). Kim carried the flag of grunge style til nowadays, wearing striped t-shirts, transforming tees in dresses, mixing vintage-cute dresses with her signature Converse sneakers or ballerinas, clean face makeup and messy hair.

Kate Moss

Heroin chic would be nothing without her. Kate took the rock chick style to the streets, made it elegant and urban; showed us that black and brown could go together; taught us how to wear black skinny jeans and black leather leggins and made everyone see that wearing a fur coat doesn’t mean to look cheap. We love Kate.

Gwen Stefani

In the mid nineties, Gwen’s first steps with No Doubt pointed to easy-going and sporty style where sport trousers and tops were the main elements of her look. After that, she experimented with different hair colors, bringing back a bit of punk rock to the new century. But then she became a blond bombshell and that’s the style that we love the most. Gwen brought back the pin up style; the peroxide blond hair, the Victory rolls hairstyle; the bold red lipstick and just a bit of mascara. This girl is one of our inspirations because she is never afraid of reinventing herself.

Amy Lee

When Amy Lee’s band Evanescence came up, suddenly we started seeing more black tutus and ballerina dresses. Black tulle, black smokey eyeliner and wine lipstick were all around. She also designed her own outfits for concerts and videos like the one she wears in the clip for ‘Going Under’. Amy Lee brought back the Gothic Lolita from the world of the dead and forgotten. We just wish we had those eyes to match our black eyeliner…

Sienna Miller

She is our role model when is about festival season and that boho-chic street style; mixing fringes, jeans, gillettes, t-shirts and huts. Her look brings back all that folk and cool 70s hippie and summerish vibe and the Penny Lane we all have inside.

Taylor Momsen as Jen Humphrey in Gossip Girl

Jen Humphrey was the bad ass rock chick in Gossip Girl. The look of the character mixed the girlish look of Jenny’s first episodes with the toxic rocker that she turned into after defeating Blair Waldorf and becoming queen of high school.  Taylor’s style has been criticized a lot after she left Gossip Girl to dedicate herself  to her rock band, The Pretty Reckless. Even we don’t like the ‘Gothic Barbie’ look, we’ll never forget the good old days of little Jen; the leather jackets, the stilettos, the pink lipstick and the smokey eyes make up.

The Plastiscines

These four girls from France know how to play and how to dress. Mixing beehive hair with sequins, huts, ripped tights, stilettos and a bit of  Alexa Chung’s look, The Plastiscines rocks!

Karen O

She is a mixture between the casual punk look of Joan Jett and the outrageous look of singers like Bjork. With her bop short haircut and fringe,bold red lipstick and black eyeliner, supper cool leggins, casual striped tshirts; she and her band Yeah Yeah Yeahs became the icon of alternative and indie rock fashion.

Agyness Deyn

She took rock and put it on the runway . With her 80s tomboy edgy look, mixing neon colors with wayfarer shades, tutu skirts with jeans, cool tees and leather jackets, she made couture from rock and roll.

Kristen Stewart

The last ‘issue’ of rock chicks generation, Kristen emerged with the success of the saga Twilight where she plays Bella. She wears smokey eyes as her trade mark as she becomes in one of the rock princess of effortless cool style, upgraded with tons of attitude and she even played Joan Jett in the movie The Runaways.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

She rocked the runways becoming instantly in the IT girl with bold eyebrows and badass attitude. Quickly she acquired the fame of party girl and had a couple of problems with drugs, a la Kate Moss. Her jaw dropping studded outfit stunned everyone at the Met Ball 2013 and she is the current queen of the rockchick style, effortless and cool. Her basics are t-shirts with  messages or pictures, skinny jeans, studs, stilettos and leather jackets.

DID WE FORGET ABOUT SOMEONE?? Let us know who is your rock chick style muse!!


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